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Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Man

The best gifts come from the heart and are built by our own hands.  This Valentine's Day, make your gift to the special man in your life something special, something homemade.  Following are some recipes and ideas for gifts you can make yourself to brighten your guy's Valentine's Day. Just treating the man in your life to a special evening where he is "King for the Night" is gift enough for most men.  Let him have his way on Valentine's Day, and make the effort to be extra nice (even if he gets home late or leaves his underwear lying on the floor next to the hamper) and attentive--don't spend time worrying about what he got for you, or what he will do to make your day special.  Think about what you can do to make his day special.  Men are usually pretty straight forward--give them love, and you will get it in return. Start the night off with a romantic dinner made by your very own hands, complete with a yummy dessert.  After dinner, give him a f