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Homemade Venison Jerky (Recipe)

If you are a hunter, or have hunters in the family, you may want to try making some venison jerky.  This is a simple and tasty way to preserve meat, and venison is an excellent choice for making jerky since it is low in fat, allowing for better dehydration.  All you will need to do is slice your meat, marinade, and then dehydrate. There are two important things you will want to do to be able to easily slice your venison thinly.  The first is sharpening your knife.  A sharp knife makes cutting meat so much easier!  Then second is to freeze your meat for about an hour or so before you cut it.  It will be partially frozen, which makes the slicing much easier since the meat wont be squishing around. Once your meat is sliced, it's pretty smooth sailing after that.  Just marinade it and then dehydrate it.  For this recipe, I used my Nesco dehydrator .  However, there are other methods of dehydration , such as using an oven or the power of the sun.  Whichever method you choose, you w