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The Missing Link {March 2013 Blog Link Up}

I'd like to start a monthly tradition if you don't mind... The Missing Link! No, no, no!  Not that link. I'm talking blog links!  Great posts I have stumbled upon containing valuable, chocolate-coated morsels of information.  My plan is to do this once a month.   Though I like writing about all of my cool stuff, I have to admit, there are some people out there doing some pretty cool stuff themselves...I know, it's hard to believe. Cool stuff I found this month: I hope to never see one of my kids waking up in the morning looking like a red-eyed monster, but pink eye is a fairly common affliction, especially in children.  This Natural Remedy for Pink Eye uses tea bags of all things to clear this common affliction. I am always looking for homemade beauty products , and this Homemade Bronzer caught my eye.  It's got cocoa powder in it, so my face will smell like chocolate!  (Please don't eat me.) I always assumed people died younger in

Baby Girl Headband Tutorial

Isn't that little girl cute?  That's Lily in the picture above, my 10 week old daughter, sporting a headband I made for her.  She is one of our twins born in January.  The other twin is our baby boy, Palmer.  He declined to wear a cute headband. The twins have been keeping me very busy, especially with nursing them.  I worked on these cute headbands while I nursed the babies; it gave me something to do while they were eating.  They are very easy to make, and are a great way to upcycle old clothes or use up fabric scraps. You will only need a bit of fabric, thread, optional embellishments, and elastic to make these headbands.  Chances are, you can salvage some fabric from a stained top, a button off an old shirt, or perhaps some elastic off of an old pair of pants. Keep in mind when you are choosing elastic however, that baby's head is delicate, so you will want something that stretches easily.  The elastic should probably be no wider than 1/2 inch, unless it is

Free Online Conference About Healthy Eating and Lifestyles

I ran across this, and I think it's pretty awesome, so I thought I'd share it! If you are into a whole foods kind of lifestyle as I am, you will probably enjoy this free web conference. 2013 Healthy Life Summit   What is it? The Healthy Life Summit is a " FREE online virtual conference is happening March 24-30, 2013. Listen to 35 of your favorite health experts, authors, doctors, bloggers, farmers and activists from the comfort of your own couch!"   Basically, 35 we ll-known folks in the healthy lifestyles arena will be interviewed about various health topics pertaining to their experti se .  For example, Sally Fallon Mor ell , author of Nourishing T raditions (an excellent book tha t I highly recommend ) will be discussing the best way to nour ish babies and children, while J oel Salatin will be discussing the downfalls of todays industrialized agricultural system. When is the Healthy Life Summit? The healthy life summit h appens Mar ch 2