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The Missing Link {March 2013 Blog Link Up}

I'd like to start a monthly tradition if you don't mind...

The Missing Link!

No, no, no!  Not that link.

I'm talking blog links!  Great posts I have stumbled upon containing valuable, chocolate-coated morsels of information.  My plan is to do this once a month.  Though I like writing about all of my cool stuff, I have to admit, there are some people out there doing some pretty cool stuff themselves...I know, it's hard to believe.

Cool stuff I found this month:

I hope to never see one of my kids waking up in the morning looking like a red-eyed monster, but pink eye is a fairly common affliction, especially in children.  This Natural Remedy for Pink Eye uses tea bags of all things to clear this common affliction.

I am always looking for homemade beauty products, and this Homemade Bronzer caught my eye.  It's got cocoa powder in it, so my face will smell like chocolate!  (Please don't eat me.)

I always assumed people died younger in the "olden days."  Turns out, that may not be the case.  The post How long did people live 100 years ago? discusses this myth and is an interesting read.

What's better than pancakes?  A great, big giant pancake, that's what.  Hootenanny Pancakes looks super yummy.

You can Determine if your child has gifted traits by checking out this blog post.  Of course, if you are a mother, then you already know that your children are gifted.  How could they not be?  Just look at their mom.

I have been on a yogurt kick for the past couple months, but I generally only eat plain yogurt since most flavored yogurts are low-fat (ewww!) or full of sugar and artificial flavors.  This Homemade Honey Nut Granola is the perfect topping!

Again, I love to make my own beauty products, so this Victorian Tinted Lip Balm caught my eye.  Chapped lips are common for me in the winter (it's still winter in Wisconsin, no matter what the calendar says), so I've been going through lip balm like crazy.

And finally, if you experience moodiness, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, or a drop in libido, you just may have a hormonal imbalance.  Find out how to Balance Hormones Naturally by reading this post at Cheeseslave.  Actually, the health advice given in this article is good for anyone, so check it out even if your hormones are just peachy.


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