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Recipes and Tutorial Index


Fried Polenta
Teddy Bear Pancakes
Banana Bread
Eggs a la Suisse


Pita Chips
Venison Jerky
Potato Chips
Crock Pot Cheese Dip
Refrigerator Pickles 
No Mayo Deviled Eggs
Mexican Avocado Deviled Eggs 



Dandelion Soda
Raspberry Iced Tea
Iced Irish Coffee



Infused Vinegars
Meat Tenderizer
Pineapple Vinegar
Infused Oils
Yellow Pear Tomato Jam (canned)
Coffee and Cacao Bean Extract


Fruits and Vegetables

Dehydrated Potatoes



Black Bean Wraps



Chinese Chicken Casserole
Sweet and Sour Chicken
St. Patrick's Day Dinner
Confetti Beans
Pizza Twice Baked Potatoes
Sloppy Joe's Quesadillas 
Potato and Cheese Crusted Perch


Side Dishes

Pumpkin Bread Stuffing
Soaking, Cooking, and Freezing Beans


Breads, Grains, and Other Baked Goods

Corn Tortillas and Hard Taco Shells
"Everything" Buns
Flour Tortillas
Graham Crackers
Pineapple Juice Sourdough Starter



Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting
Molasses Cookies
Candied Flowers


Cleaning Products

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner
Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Homemade Drain Cleaner
Homemade Air Freshener
Furniture Polish I
Furniture Polish II
Infused Oils
Fabric Softener
Homemade Bar Soap (Supplies List)
Simple Shortening Soap
Powdered Cleanser (Similar to Comet or Ajax) 
Powdered Laundry Detergent


Beauty and Health

Infused Vinegars (as a hair rinse and sunburn remedy)
Homemade Deodorant
Tinctures and Extracts
Homemade Skin Care
Herb Gift Bags
Homemade Hair Color
Pineapple Juice Facial
Calendula Salve
Rosewater Tutorial
Uses for Homemade Rosewater
Infused Oils
Homemade Microdermabrasion
Pain Relieving Cream


Gardening and Animals

Our Little Greenhouse
The Greenhouse Gets a Floor
How Our Chickens Help Us "Make Stuff"
Birdhouse Gourds
Starting Seeds and Controlling Greenhouse Temperatures
Homemade Wild Bird Food
Rendering Suet


Projects for Around the House

Tree Branch Window Treatment
T-shirt to Off-the-Shoulder Top
Valentine's Day Gifts
Homemade Clothes Pin Holder 
Easy Homemade Clothespin Holder


  1. Do you have a good veggie burger? I'm a good cook, been veggie for five months now and I haven't found a good one yet! Also? Lol, you're not weird,, you're quite cool!


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